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Vision and Purpose May 6, 2010

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Being an artist doesn’t come easy. I know I have experienced so many negative comments and questions about my career choice. Very few people see an importance to what I do. However I believe art is an expression necessary to represent the people of the time. Vision is so important in everything that is done. Artists give the world a pair of eyes to see beyond the here and now into another world or sometimes into ourselves. We give form to thoughts, feelings and beliefs. I believe without art , how can the world see. Art is such a deep root in society , it surrounds everything and everyone. We buy, we conduct business and live and learn in things that once were themselves the vision of another.

Vision and Dreams

I am considering creating my next few pieces with this in mind. What purpose does my art fulfill? What is the vision I want my viewers to see? Its a lot to take in and muse about .However , I believe it will take my work in another direction, a more connected direction.


Immersing Myself In the Culture March 10, 2010

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Supporting your local fellow artists is of the upmost importance. I have meandered into my local town’s galleries , and really liked what I saw. The artists here in Florence, Oregon seem to favor 3D styles of art ; glass blowing , woodworking, steel artworks and tons of watercolor pieces on the side. I am really excited to get more involved and perhaps to become a member with one of the galleries and keep informed with what the current trends are in the town. Many of the pieces featured have a nautical tone to them while others depict the town,paintings of the river and random still lives photographed here and there. My favorite gallery so far has been the Backstreet Gallery. Their 3D works are so interesting. One piece appeared to be a drawer of some sort in the shape of a pyramid with several buttons , trinkets and gold beadwork all over it. At the top there was a small representation of Jack from Jack-In-the-Box. Really fun and interesting to take in every little detail. Well, thats all for now , will write more about my adventures with Florence’s Art Community.


First ATC’s Numbers One through Nine January 3, 2010

This is the first image for my series of ATC’s , “The Joy of Blossoming”. Here are ATC’s 1-9 and I decided to create larger images and cut them down to size . I find that the sections you get create fascinating images within themselves and just maybe I’ll inspire myself through some abstract cut of a larger whole!


Art Journal Pages

I decided that I will do my journal page by page. When the season ends , say the vernal equinox, I will bind them all together. I think that will be how I maintain my journal and break up the work. I feel it gives me more room to fully manipulate the pages as a go along. The first image is the front cover. I daydream a lot and I love fairytales. The cover is a castle in front of a sunset with the moon in the sky. The next image is the back of the cover not sure what to do with it yet, my favorite color is green , so I may play around with that here. The next two images are about Christmas. This was my fiance and I’s first Christmas in Oregon, its a long way from all our family in California and it was a bit lonely. We did enjoy the holiday and we were grateful for what we had and each other. So I hope the images reflect that.. The words on the final page are: Tradition of love , even more, holiday gift. I hope thats what we all treasure during this time of year, the tradition of loving one another and life itself more than the junk around the trim of the tree.


Buying Art December 29, 2009

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New Journal

Another recent practice I am adding to my work is a daily journal. I have seen some really amazing examples on the web . It really inspired me to do something everyday , even if it small. Sometimes thats a tough thing to do with this pregnancy weight dragging me down. I did however finish my cover last night and half of my first page. The cover is a castle scene in the sky at sunset . the clouds are made of died cotton shredded and fluffed up. The moon was cut out and i inserted a foil moon in its place. The sky is a gradient from a deep red to a pale pink and i used some bubble wrap as a stamp to make stars. It has a really neat feel to it. Excited to see what I come up with as the days go by.


ATC’s – Artist Trading Cards

While surfing the web a few nights ago for inspiration in some new art techniques to add to my work I came across artist trading cards. Apparently people have met since 97′ and making these 2.5″x3.5″ card with work on them . They trade this with each other. I think it may have started in europe and it has spread all over the place. Right now I’m looking for some trading groups out here in Oregon, but I may just have to settle with just sending mine in the mail through a site that is dedicated to doing so.I plan on uploading some images of my first set of nine here soon.